This activity has been suspended until our return to in-person events.

The NHWP Critique Partner Match program matches writers in small groups for peer editing, critique, and commentary. Once matched, we encourage you and your partners to meet regularly (a minimum of four times over the course of the four-month cycle) in order to share and give comment on your current projects. Participate to meet fellow writers, engage creatively, and receive some useful feedback on your writing!

Please note this service is for active NHWP members only! If you are not currently or yet a member, please join here first before signing up: Join the NHWP.

How It Works

Once you fill out the form, we will endeavor to find you some critique partners in your region (or in an adjacent region) of New Hampshire.  We will assign you to a group of 3-4 critique partners.  You will then be left to your own devices to exchange sections of your work then organize meetups (preferably in person) where you offer critique and commentary.  If you are assigned a group of Critique Partners, we will give you some suggestions of how to organize the logistics.

This round of the Critique Partner Match program is for four months (November-February inclusive).  Depending on your region and your genre, there is a chance we may NOT have a suitable match for you this round. If so, we will let you know if one becomes available.

Critique matching is sorta like dating. You may not know what you will get for a match, and although we strive to pair people the best we can, you might get matched with some duds, or a group that is not a good match for you. If this happens, don’t become discouraged! Let us know. Sometimes we can find matches for people after the program is underway if others are having problems with their match as well. Or sometimes you might just be out of luck this round. The more information you can give us on the application form, the better your chances!