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NH Literary Awards

The winners of the 12th New Hampshire Literary Awards have been selected!

The New Hampshire Writers' Project has selected Elizabeth Marshall Thomas as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. At the New Hampshire Literary Awards ceremony on November 3rd the Center for the Book at the NH State Library announced the Readers' Choice Voting winners.

2016 Outstanding Work of Fiction Nominees

Awarded to a writer for a book of fiction published between June 1, 2013 and March 31, 2016. This may be a novel or a collection of short stories and may focus on a particular genre, such as mystery or science fiction.

  • Breaking Wild - Diane Les Becquets - WINNER
  • Dangerous Denial - Amy Ray
  • Gate City - Michael Davidow - FINALIST
  • The Hour of Parade - Alan Bray
  • Live Free or Die - Duke Southard
  • Lost and Found - Shelby June
  • A Measure of Happiness - Lorrie Thomson - FINALIST
  • The North Country Confessional - Craig C. Charles
  • Pocket Change - Duncan Putney
  • Taking on Water - David Rawding
  • The Urban Legion - Dave Agans
  • Welcome to Frost Heaves - Ken Sheldon (Fred Marple) - READERS' CHOICE WINNER
  • What's Left Behind - Lorrie Thomson

2016 Outstanding Book of Poetry Nominees

Awarded to a poet for an outstanding book or chapbook of poetry published between June 1, 2013 and March 31, 2016.

  • The Alchemy of Desire - Dianalee Velie - FINALIST
  • Esther - Pam Bernard
  • Interval: Poems Based on Bach's Goldberg Variations - Alice B. Fogel - WINNER
  • Night Ringing - Laura Foley
  • No Other Gods - Todd Hearon - FINALIST
  • Opinel - Rebecca Kaiser Gibson
  • Pretenders - Jeff Friedman - FINALIST
  • Seasonals - Nancy Frey
  • Snowman's Code - Midge Goldberg - FINALIST & READERS' CHOICE WINNER
  • That Kind of Happy - Maggie Dietz
  • The World Disguised as this One - Mimi White

2016 Outstanding Work of Nonfiction Nominees

Awarded to a writer for a book of nonfiction published between June 1, 2013 and March 31, 2016. This may be creative nonfiction, biography, memoir, historical nonfiction, or books that focus on travel, education, and other nonfiction subjects.

  • Babe Conquers the World - Rich & Sandra Wallace - FINALIST
  • A Berkshire Boyhood - Robert Begiebing - FINALIST
  • Claremont Boy: My NH Roots and the Gift of Memory - Joseph D. Steinfield
  • Dolly - Jane Ruggles Pinel
  • Dreaming of Lions - Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
  • Dwelling in Possibility: Searching for the Soul of Shelter - Howard Mansfield
  • In the Evil Day - Richard Adams Carey
  • The Nepal Chronicles - Dan Szczesny - WINNER & READERS' CHOICE WINNER
  • The Penny Poet of Portsmouth - Katherine Towler
  • Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy - Wendy Thacher Jensen
  • Toxic Staple: How Gluten May be Wrecking your health and What You Can Do About It - Anne Sarkisian
  • A View (or two) from Kearsarge - Kearsarge Magazine, LLC
  • Words from the Wild: Favorite Columns from a Yankee Notebook - Willem Lange
  • You are Not Alone: Stories from the front lines of womanhood - Leah Carey

2016 Outstanding Work of Children's Literature Nominees

Awarded to a writer for a work of children’s literature (picture book, chapter book) published between June 1, 2013 and March 31, 2016.

  • Albert's Almost Amazing Adventure - Marty Kelley - FINALIST & READERS' CHOICE WINNER
  • The Girl Who Heard Colors - Marie Harris - WINNER
  • Little Birch Finds Peace - Rebecca L. Matthews
  • Petey Porcupine Rocks the Sox - Franklin Black
  • This Orq (he cave boy) - David Elliott - FINALIST
  • Wild Dolphin Rider - Nancy Donovan

2016 Outstanding Young Adult Book Nominees

Awarded to a writer for a work of young adult literature (fiction or nonfiction) published between June 1, 2013 and March 31, 2016.

  • Bullied into Silence - Julie A. Dickson
  • Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill: Spring 1775 - Terri A. DeMitchell - FINALIST
  • Past Lives - Shana Chartier
  • The Runaway's Gold - Emilie Christie Burack - READERS' CHOICE WINNER
  • Strange Sweet Song - Adi Rule - WINNER

The 13th New Hampshire Literary Awards will be held in the fall of 2018. Nominations will open in spring 2018. Books by New Hampshire natives, by New Hampshire residents, or that have New Hampshire as a prominent aspect of their content published between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2018 will be eligible for these awards. Watch for details in late 2017.