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New Hampshire Authors Available for Book Club Appearances (2017)

NHWP loves connecting readers with New Hampshire writers. Help us by spreading the word about this special opportunity.

How this works in five steps:

1. Scroll through the list of books below.

2. Select a book and contact the author directly by clicking the author's name.

3. Negotiate an appropriate time and place to meet.

4. Acquire copies and read. (Please ask the author what method of purchase best supports his or her work.)

5. Meet and enjoy!

Bonus: We would love to hear from groups that challenge themselves to read three or more books by New Hampshire authors this year. Taking the challenge? Let us know!

(This list is updated annually as a feature of New Hampshire Writers' Week. Submissions of one book per author for the 2016 list will be accepted in the fall of 2015)

The best way to support efforts like this one is to become a member of the New Hampshire Writers' Project.

THE SUN GOD'S HEIR by Elliot Baker tells the tale of one young pacifist is that stands between the world’s freedom and the red tide of slavery when an ancient evil awakens.

LITTLE ISLAND by Katharine Britton is about a New England family that gathers for a weekend on their island in Maine and learns what being family really means.

HEREAFTER by Terri Bruce is a contemporary fantasy about one woman's search for meaning in the afterlife with a tale about love, friendship, and what makes life worth living.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Stories from the frontline of womanhood by Leah Carey explores what it’s like to be a woman through the stories of 10 women from around the world.

BLUEBERRY TRUTH by Ute Carbone is the story of a collision between a teacher and a fiercely independent child and of the commitment and love it takes to make not a baby, but a family.

HOW A BULLET BEHAVES by Cara Losier Chanoine is a collection of poetry, the sort of poetry that inspires novels through its pictures painted masterfully in words.

WHAT THERE WAS NOT TO TELL by Edie Clark is a surprising and thoroughly compelling tale of how a single casualty of war can set off chain reactions of heartbreaking loss, undying love, and unshakable loyalty across multiple generations.

DRIZZLED WITH DEATH by Jessie Crocket is the story of Dani Greene, who, when maple syrup from her sugarhouse is suspected of poisoning a competitive pancake eater,   knows the police are barking up the wrong tree and it’s up to her to save her family business from a sticky situation.

PANTHEON by Gary Devore tells the story of twelve former gods of the Greeks and Romans who have been living on earth, powerless but immortal, and what happens when they accept the offer to become deities again.

THOMAS HOLLAND AND THE PROPHECY OF ELFHAVEN by K. M. Doherty is a Harry Potter style fantasy complete with wizards, dragons, elves, dwarves and of course Tom's robot Chloe!

IN POLYESTER PAJAMAS by Catherine Dougherty is the story of Jean and Rosie, opposites in every way, dealing with different aspects of their lives, teaming up for some new mid-life adventures filled with excitement, romance and plenty of drama.

FROM FRAZZELED TO FANTASTIC by Lynn Durham is filled with stories, comments, suggestions, quotes and references to medical research rich in proving the psychological and physical benefits in healthy thinking and feeling good.

WINTER by Patricia Fargnoli weaves together themes of solitude, silence, and rebirth through vivid images of winter and the outdoors.

NOTES ON A KILLING: LOVE, LIES, AND MURDER IN A SMALL NEW HAMPSHIRE TOWN by Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie is the true story of a bleak case: no blood, no DNA, no body -- until detectives find notes hidden beneath a leather chair that turn out to be a playbook for murder.

DOGSPEAK by Dan Ellison is the story of AJ Duchien, a middle age man overwhelmed by a personal tragedy, who sells his home and business in New Hampshire, packs up his belongings, and sets off with his dog, Wools, on a journey to the abandoned pueblos located at the edge of the southern Great Plains; a transition zone that holds the key to the People of the Light and the way of forgiveness.

STRANGE TERRAIN by Alice Fogel, poet laureate of New Hampshire, is an essential resource for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable reading poetry: individuals, reading groups, teachers, even friends and families of poets.

RITZFORG 127 by Cher Griffin is a high-stakes mystery traveling from New Hampshire to Kentucky and back through the world of show horses.

WHEN EAGLES ROAR by James Alexander Currie with Bonnie J Fladung follows Currie’s evolution from African game ranger to TV host offers a rare glimpse into Africa’s wildlife, conservation, and the personal toll of the AIDS epidemic.

FUMBLING IN THE LIGHT by Sidney Hall Jr., a Pushcart prize nominee who has had poems from this book read by Garrison Keillor on Writer's Almanac, tackles nature, war, and scandal.

HOWARD ELMAN'S FAREWELL by Ernest Hebert begins as a coming of (old) age story, morphs into a murder mystery, expands into a family saga, and in the end might just follow Howard Elman into the spirit world.

NEW HOPE by Steve Hobbs is a coming of age novel about deep friendships and unexpected danger, an adventurous combination of mystery and suspense set in a seemingly quiet 1980s small Maine community.

WHISPERS OF HOPE by Jane Holmes is the story of a woman who moves to a small city in New Hampshire to escape from horror.

UNDERSTORIES by Tim Horvath is a collection of heartfelt, sometimes surreal short stories that NPR's Nancy Pearl called "My favorite collection of short stories in recent memory."

HOUSE OF GIRLS by Joyce Shor Johnson of Portsmouth, NH is about being fifteen, falling in love, and getting pregnant—all of which is a real problem if it is 1961, you’re Jewish, your boyfriend isn’t, and you are determined to keep your baby—especially if your parents want you to “fix” the problem.

BRIAR PATCH by J. Kates brings poised, witty, erotic, compassionate skills masterfully into play in the poems that are his own and in his distinguished translations.

THE MARK OF GOODY COLE by Cheryl Lassiter is the true life story of Goodwife Unise Cole, the legendary Witch of Hampton.

DANCES WITH LIGHT by Kate Leigh includes over 50 poems about the Isles of Shoals ranging from historical accounts, to nature appreciation, to general place poems to personal accounts of adventures on the Shoals.

THE BALL CROSSING by J.E.Lindberg is a historical thriller set in 1870’s northwestern Vermont that is based on one of the murders committed by the infamous Joseph LaPage.


GEORGIE GREEN TAKES FLIGHT by Jen Lindgren-Brown is a YA fantasy adventure that mixes a love of nature with imagination and mystery in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

MAJOR LEAGUE BRIDE: AN INSIDE LOOK AT LIFE OUTSIDE THE BALLPARK by Kathleen Lockwood details the triumphs and tribulations of family life within Major League Baseball, exposes the all pervasive pressure that accompanies the privilege of competing in America’s National Pastime, and spotlights the inner strength of the major league wives who support each other during the long road trips.

DEAREST ONES AT HOME by Katrina Maloney is a book of letters from an ordinary American woman in Russia watching the 1917 Revolution from the streets, for people who read history and love true adventure.

THE BATTLEFIELD GUIDE: HARPERS FERRY / ANTIETAM / GETTYSBURG by Rodger Martin is a poetry collection and a time-travelers guide to the battlefields that shaped the American conscience.

PREEMIE: LESSONS IN LOVE, LIFE AND MOTHERHOOD (Winner of NHWP Reader's Choice for Outstanding Work of Non-Fiction) by Kasey Mathews tells the hopeful and inspiring story of a baby born far too early and a mother who emerges into a life of conscious living

THE LIGHT WITHIN by Rebecca L. Matthews is the story of a family's transformation as they learn to let go and allow God to guide them to peace in the midst of chaos.

LORDS HILL by Maggie Miller is a true story that takes place in a small New England town on the NH and Maine borders. It exposes the fallout that can come with multi-generational child abuse, alcoholism, adultery and untreated mental illness. The ongoing search for a relationship with God and the journey through recovery and healing.

KISSIMMEE'S NEWPORT: 1894 by Emily Murphy is a children's chapter book (geared toward ages 7-12) about a young girl, Kissimmee Parr, who is growing up in fancy Newport society in 1894 but hates having fancy manners - she'd rather have fun!

NORAH by Cynthia Neale is the journey of Norah McCabe, a courageous young woman fleeing her Irish home devastated by famine and arriving in the rough and tumble world of New York City of the 1850s.

THE COAT ROUTE: Craft, Luxury & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 Coat by journalist Meg Lukens Noonan tells the adventurous story (that Bill Bryson called "A fabulous story, brilliantly told...") of an unthinkably expensive, entirely handcrafted overcoat that a fourth-generation tailor had made for one of his longtime clients.

OUTTASTATAHS: NEWCOMERS' ADVENTURES IN NEW HAMPSHIRE by Gary Patton is a hilarious collection of quirky, wacky essays and stories about life in the Granite State.

WORKING AT THE WORD FACTORY by Eric Poor of Rindge, NH recounts the author's life in journalism, from flying in an antique WWII bomber one day to serving on a panel with a MAD magazine editor the next, with a number of valuable tips--for living and for writing--along the way.

A PLEDGE OF BETTER TIMES by Margaret Porter is a historical biographical novel set in late 17th century England.

SOUND TRAVELS ON WATER by Kyle Potvin is an award-winning poetry collection that touches on diverse topics such as family, illness, food, and hope that "travels like sound on water.
DANGEROUS DENIAL by Amy Ray is a contemporary mystery/thriller following BK Hartshaw and Trevor Mayhew as they find that denying secrets from the past can be deadly in a world where nothing is as it seems.

FEATHERS & TRUMPETS, A STORY OF HILDEGARD OF BINGEN by Joyce Ray is a YA historical novel chronicling the life of Hildegard of Bingen, mystic, abbess, writer, composer, herbalist, and now saint and Doctor of the Church.

FINDING JESSICA by Parker Riggs is a mystery novel set in New Hampshire with a propensity for strong women, unrequited love, villains you love to hate, and one small American lake town full of lovable, quirky characters.

MYSTERY ON THE ISLE OF SHOALS by J. Dennis Robinson is the full story of a crime that has haunted New England since 1873.

PASSING TIME by Ron Roy is the story of a young man who drops out of college to take a mindless job in a paper mill, only to discover that there is much more this job and life than he thought.

STRANGE SWEET SONG by Adi Rule is a YA novel about a young singer struggling to escape the shadow of her famous parents while unraveling the mystery of the dark forest beyond the conservatory -- and the fearsome creature that lives there.

THE POSSIBILITY OF RED by Becky Sakellariou is a collection of surprising and evocative poems published here in both English and translated into Greek by well-known Greek poet Maria Laina.

TOXIC STAPLE: HOW GLUTEN MAY BE WRECKING YOUR HEALTH by Anne Sarkisian exposes the devastating effects of gluten far beyond celiac disease with significant success stories and easy-to-read research linking gluten to allergies, asthma, autoimmune disease, cancer, fatigue, depression, and so much more.

STRESS FRACTURES by J.E. Seymour tells the tale of mob troubleshooter Kevin Markinson, who, when his mob boss decides to break him out of prison, begins to discover the cracks in his emotional armor as things go from bad to worse as first he is injured and then taken hostage by a gang of thugs—along with a troubled teenage boy.

BEHIND THE LIES by Joe Smiga adds touches of the author's naval career and life experiences to a riviting Tom Clancy-esque story of Iranian submarines launching missiles against the United States.

CHILDREN OF THE AIR by Mark Eddy Smith concerns three birds of prey, a human family of three, a runaway teenage boy and an elderly dog, but it is not a whimsical tale—rather it is a simple, poignant story of banal evil, impotent good and the unexpected voice that suggests that what we do, for good or ill, might actually matter.

EMBERS by Phil Soletsky (who holds a PhD in physics and has served twelve years on the Brookline, New Hampshire Fire Department) is the story of a firefighter hunting for a killer.

AN UNCERTAIN GRAVE by Cathy Strasser is a humorous hiking mystery located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where local law enforcement works to solve a murder helped and hindered by a nosy New York reporter a lots of local characters.

THE NEPAL CHRONICLES by Dan Szczesny is a deeply felt exploration of the culture and history of one of the world's most complex places, and is a meditation on the author's own personal journey into a new family and relationship unlike any he's ever experienced.

BROKEN BUCKETS by Tamera du Trieux is a harrowing story about frightening facts difficult to discuss, what can go wrong as a result of forces already set in motion.

A PIANO IN EVERY ROOM by Rosamond van der Linde is about the founding of the famous Sonatina School of Piano in her home in Vermont, together with her pianist husband — while they raised their five children with love and music.

THE ALCHEMY OF DESIRE by Dianalee Velie is an ecstatic collection of poems that reminds us to cherish and celebrate the people and places we love most and the courage it takes to do that.

THE SOUND OF DECEPTION by Susan Ann Wall is a contemporary romance about two friends – a man married to the U.S. Navy and a woman who thinks marriage is for the weak-hearted – who cross the line of friendship and fall in love despite their efforts not to.

FIELD GUIDE A TEMPO by Henry Walters is a collection of poetry that is also a topographical map of sounds, a landscape that changes pace, from ballad to dirge to lullaby, tracing the contours of those rhythms that give form and voice to Time itself.

PURPLE TREES by Ursula Wong is the story of seventeen year old Lily Phelps, orphaned and in debt, whose dark past, hidden even to her, causes her to see ghosts.

BRIGHT EXIT is poet Laurie Zimmerman’s study in loss—loss of names, loss of identity, loss of relationships, loss of footing in the world, but these losses do not drown the poet or the reader, instead providing a tender and sure kind of lift out of what could be despair.

Homeopathic veterinarians like Wendy Jensen rely on your observations to evaluate treatment, and this book, full of success stories, will teach you exactly what information is needed in order to help your animals not only heal, but regain their former vitality, energy, and zest for life.

Return to Kesan: 1st novel of The Kesan Trilogy by Stephen Pascucci.  "He’d been gone from the kingdom for so long I never expected to see him again. Nevertheless, with every sun rising over the walls of my fair city his memory walked with me. Then one day, I found him.  There he was, standing in front of me—I was telling him about the death of a prince and how we needed him to come back to help Kesan avoid a devastating war. But all I could think about was, ‘I have found my mari. And I am not letting him go.’”  --Kaywren of Forsolelh

An intricately woven history of love, lust, and murder, the award-winning The Hour of Parade by Alan Bray has been called "a literary treat," and "a work of remarkable elegance."
 The Oracle Files:  Escape, by Masheri Chappelle, is a uniquely layered odyssey of secrets, forbidden love, revenge, and the power of forgiveness. It is a paranormal journey into healing the soul of racism.  Elizabeth Beeson Chase leads the exploration as she emerges from slave, to adopted Quaker, to a "Blue Vein" socialite who passes for white in 1850 New York.


BLESSED MAYHEM, Book 2, Mayhem Series (Crossroad Press; trade paperback releases Aug. 2017) by Sue Coletta.   A chance encounter …a deadly predicament …a lethal decision.The infamous Mr. Mayhem is not your average serial killer. Reminiscent of the beloved Hannibal Lecter, minus his thirst for flesh—because eating humans is just plain rude—Mr. Mayhem storms on the scene with style, grace, elegance, and a zest for life unlike any other. Impeccable manners also help. He may commit murder, but there’s no reason to be impolite about it.