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Holiday Gifts for Readers & Writers

on Fri, 12/09/2016 - 21:42

By Lisa Allard

We’re pretty particular people, after all. Here are some perfect gifts that are sure to please the writers and readers in your life!

Poetry Calendar

Why buy a calendar filled with pictures when you can get one filled with poems? My favorite is the Poetry of Lang Leav calendar, which I’ve hung right above my desk. The calendar features thirteen poems from her bestselling books, Love & Misadventures, The Universe of Us, and Memories. Beautifully written, her poetry can be enjoyed by anyone.

Here is another one that features poems by Tyler Knott Gregson’s book, Poems from the Typewriter Series. His inspiring words are typed on a Remington typewriter and are presented with rich visual appeal.

Journal of the Month Subscription

With a subscription to Journal of the Month, the reader or writer in your life can receive a new literary journal each month. Each month is a new surprise, and will provide your writer with the inspiration they need. It will also help them become more aware of the various places they can publish their work – and determine which might be the most fitting for t

hem. Readers will also enjoy this gift because of the variety of writing that these journals have to offer – poetry, creative fiction, nonfiction, and more!

QwerkyWriter Wireless Keyboard

Designed to look like a vintage typewriter, the QwerkyWriter Wireless Keyboard connects with bluetooth to your tablet, computer, or phone.

Take Note Candle

This Mine Design Co. candle features an eraseable surface perfect for taking notes, writing poems, and leaving important reminders.

Writer’s Workshops

There are a variety of resources out there for writers to help them enhance their skills and gain the feedback they need to continue to pursue their craft. These include seminars, workshops, and retreats, and there are many available in the NH area. The Odyssey Writing Workshop is a six-week workshop offered during the summer at Saint Anslem’s College. Here is a full listing of workshops offered in New Hampshire.

The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature

This poster features a catalogue of 49 drinks inspired by some of the greatest works of film and literature. Pop Chart Lab also sells a variety of one-of--kind literary posters, including Fantastical Fictive beers, 100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart, A Visual Compendium of Typewriters, and more. Check it out here

Kate Spade Pencil Pouch

Because everyone needs a stylish place to store their writing utensils. Purchase here.

And as an added gift, fill the pouch with these Shakespeare inspired To Be or To Not to Be pencils. Available on Etsy.

Book of the Month Club

Every month, a panel of judges for Book of the Month select five books to share with members. Members can either select one of these books to receive, or have one picked out for you. The judges also provide reviews of each book to help you make your selection, and there are forums for members to share their opinions. This is a great way to discover new books to enjoy!

And for a limited time, you can get a three-month subscription – 3 newly released hardcover books- for just $20 on Groupon.

A Bottle of Writers Tears

If the writer in your life has a taste for fine Irish whiskey, then a bottle of Writers Tears is the perfect gift!

A Pair of Decent Earphones

For blocking out noise while I am writing, l prefer to listen to my music with YurBuds. But if you’re feeling extra giving, Bose QuietComfort earphones are top-notch.

‘Poe Me Some More Coffee’ Mug

Because what writer doesn’t drink tea or coffee? Or enjoy a good pun? Available on Etsy.

Audible Membership

Simple things get in the way of our writing and reading time.  But Audible makes it possible to listen to your favorite book anytime, anywhere, and is ideal for on-the-go use.

Writer Emergency Pack

Carefully designed to spark creativity and get your story back on track, the Writer Emergency Pack contains illustrated cards that focus on chacter, plot, and conflict.

If you are really looking to impress your favorite reader and writer, wrap up the gift in some literary wrapping paper from the Literary Gift Company.