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Hatbox Readings: NH Writers' Project Night at the Hatbox Theatre

Hatbox Readings Number Three: March 12, 2017 6pm

This event is 6-8:00pm on March 12, 2016 in the Hatbox Theatre in the Steeplegate Mall complex (270 Loudon Rd, Concord, New Hampshire) [map and directions]. There will be three readings.


Twenty-three-year-old Theo is a grocery clerk turned English teacher fresh off the plane in Japan with no clue when to bow or even how to say Excuse me. Unfortunately, his new bosses at the ONIX Corporation just need him to smile and teach his English lessons their way, even though his students can’t stand it! Rebelling against ONIX’s rules brings him success, friendship, and an illicit romance, but also pins him as an outsider who only cares about himself. Can Theo find the freedom he craves in the Japanese workplace, or is he doomed to become yet another soulless salaryman?

Ian Rogers taught English for two years in the Japanese city of Kofu, and this fall returned to New Hampshire from Nebraska after getting a master’s in creative writing. He blogs about the hazards faced by creative people with day jobs at


Nineteen year old sexually abused Amber, works for an animal welfare group in the Midwest. The work is difficult but rewarding, especially when she can rescue animals from abusive situations and see them thrive in their loving new homes. Her co-workers' compassion and respect for abused animals ignite a fierce love for herself. With each adoption her confidence grows, giving her the courage to stop her father’s abusive visits, and freeing her to create a life filled with possibilities.

Wendy Jensen grew up in three different countries, landing finally in New Hampshire with her husband to practice homeopathic veterinary medicine, play violin, and raise her children. She received her veterinary degree from the NY State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. Dissatisfied, in 1990 she left practice and spent four years in the non-profit sector. During this time, she attended a lecture on homeopathy and was captivated by this medicine's logical, straightforward and yet profoundly satisfying philosophy. She became certified in this modality and has had a house-call practice in veterinary homeopathy since 1994. Her co-authored New World Veterinary Repertory is unique in its field, utilized by homeopathic veterinarians worldwide. Her second book, The Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy: Healing Our Companion Animals from the Inside Out is available from Black Rose Writing or But I Already Said Goodbye is her first work in fiction.


In the town of Splintered River, Louisiana, Malcolm Douglas is shot dead by a white cop while in the midst of a prophetic vision or, perhaps, a hallucination, when the cop perceives Malcolm’s erratic behavior as threatening and the hot dog he is holding as a weapon.  The resulting civil unrest is exploited in the power struggle between the town’s mayor, the state’s first African-American governor, a preacher who wants the governor’s job, and Vice-President Reginald Taylor, who seizes on the opportunity to take advantage of a weak President to further his own fading political career. As black and white citizens agitate for local power, the second American secessionist movement grows and Taylor must decide whether his ambitions will lead him to take over the movement or save his country. A House Divided, a political thriller, examines how our minds deceive us, and the power of small tragedies to result in unexpected, catastrophic consequences.

Edward Jacobs is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing in Londonderry, NH for 30 years.  He grew up in New York City and has lived in New Hampshire and Massachusetts most of his adult life.  He earned his A.B. degree from Vassar College and his Ph.D. from Temple University and trained as a Clinical Fellow and served as a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School.  A House Divided is his second novel; his first, Out of Bounds, follows two psychologists who confront the consequences of their ethical lapses (no kidding), and is still earnestly seeking an agent or publisher.  He has written two books on parenting (to which his kids’ reaction was something akin to: REALLY?!) and has published two short pieces in the journal Smoky Quartz. He wrote the Life Talk column for The Derry News and has published several articles and professional papers on family therapy, psychoanalysis, ADHD, learning disabilities, chronic pain and neurofeedback.


Readings at the Hatbox Theatre in Concord is a series NHWP began for its members in 2016. This is a semi-regular event where actors read entertaining selections from 'works in progress' by three NHWP authors, and the audience offers feedback, critique, and reactions. 

This event will not only allow the author to "hear" some of their novel, story, or book, but also receive immediate feedback.  The audience will experience new works from NH authors live and contribute directly to the creative process of a grateful author. 

All Hatbox Reading events are free for NHWP MEMBERS, but $5.00 for the General Audience (+ $1.50 for reserving tickets in advance).  As a member of NHWP you will recieve an email from with a passcode ahead of each reading which you will need to use when reserving your tickets.  The passcode is entered at the end of the online registration process and will zero out the cost.  Refreshments along with stimulating conversation will be provided during intermission. Come enjoy the arts in Concord's new theater space, the Hatbox Theatre!

To take part in a future Hatbox Readings Program as an author:

If successful, Hatbox Readings will be held semi-regularly dependent upon the scheduling needs of the Hatbox Theatre and availability of the space and actors. We anticipate authors will be given a few weeks notice if they have been selected to take part in the next round.  PLEASE NOTE:  We will prioritize the submissions of authors who have attended other Hatbox Reading nights, since we believe that if you would like the feedback and support from a Hatbox audience for your work, you should have in turn provided feedback and support for the work of others.

The NHWP Programming Committee will attempt to arrange a balanced program for each event, which may include genre-specific nights. Hatbox Readings are geared toward authors who have a complete manuscript and are at the "beta reader" stage. The manuscript should have gone through several drafts and edits before it is shared with an audience. 

An actor will read 10-20 minutes of their work. A feedback session will follow allowing the audience to provide comments, and ask questions of the author. Authors are encouraged to submit the beginning of their book or story (to test-run a section prospective agents and editors would likely request) or to submit another significant scene or chapter of their work.  

To apply for this program, please fill out this submission form. The Programming Committee will endeavor to include you in an upcoming Hatbox Readings event.

This program is open to all members in good standing of the NHWP.

Past Readings

December 11, 2016

CINDY by Josh Bresslin
WHEREFROM by Mary Downes

July 17, 2016

THE ORACLE FILES: ESCAPE by Masheri Chappelle